Anonymous said: Your jellybean-robots are adorable. :)

Thanks! C:

I wish I could make more silly comics, but my computer died on me last week. I think I’ll be without one for a while. I guess I could try making some on paper, though. Hmm…

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Y’all are telling me NONE of you have written or drawn a Phantom of the Opera AU w Cyclonus as the Phantom and Tailgate as Christine
U disgust me

Oh hi there, this was made an year ago.

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Anonymous said: Was that meant to be a double joke


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This is MTMTE.

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So the DJD likes to torture each victim by using their biggest fear on them…
Which means Tailgate was probably taken to the engine room because DJD knew that he hated being underground, alone and forgotten.

Excuse me, I’m going to cry into my pillow for three hours.

Welp, my computer is dead. Dead dead.

Stores don’t open tomorrow so I’ll have to wait until monday or tuesday to take it to a repair shop.

It was good while it lasted. :’(
Good thing I just backed up the data a few days ago… But if the computer is unsalvageable and I need to buy a new one, welp… that means no food for me for the next couple months.

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I was too lazy to set up my tablet and it’s almost bedtime, so finger drawing and writing on touchpad yeah
I swear I’ll do some real art soon

I was too lazy to set up my tablet and it’s almost bedtime, so finger drawing and writing on touchpad yeah

I swear I’ll do some real art soon

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I like Batman and I love Harley Quinn but I absolutely hate DC for all the gross stuff they’ve been doing.

I love TFs and I love Hasbro for being so friendly with all fans and listening to them (I still want my TF racing game though…).

No one ever asked me why several years ago I abruptly switched fandom.

I miss Dreadwing. He was so cool.
Dreadwing is a samurai inspired character, and despite having a yellow face, he is not a walking racial/cultural stereotype like AoE Drift.

I really would’ve loved to see more of him and Skyquake.

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The painful moment when you get a sudden urge to give your favorite character the tightest hug and tell them “shhh, everything will be okay”, only to immediately realize that they do not exist on our plane of reality.


Picture: Cyclonus and Tailgate in “The Music of the Night" scene from Phantom of the Opera. Yes.

Oh hi there

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I was thinking that since no one we’ve seen has shown any knowledge about the double Lost Light, it’s pretty safe to assume that the alternate Lost Light didn’t experience the any of the things the “original” Lost Light had, and that the alternate LL encountered DJD within the 18-months period after DJD’s short stay on Clemency, so maybe…
…maybe alternate Tailgate and Cyclonus never became friends.

I can’t make out what the text on the other Tailgate’s arm reads. What if he didn’t lie about his past? That way he wouldn’t have to confide with Cyclonus about his insecurity.

And why was he in the engine room, alone? Was he hiding? Was he doing his job as a waste disposal, attempting to eject the slow cell before DJD arrived? Given how the Overlord incident didn’t happen on this Lost Light, it’s very possible that he never found out about his cybercrosis. Perhaps because no body knew about his illness, no one knew that he would be half paralyzed and therefore not able to perform this job.

Thinking about this makes me anxious.

Would anyone here believe me if I said I was into Yu-Gi-Oh when I was a child?

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Weh now I’m depressed. 
And I’m very tired but I can’t sleep because I don’t have bedsheets and blankets, just a crummy bare mattress pad and some dirty laundry to lie on. I only slept for ~2 hours before being woken up by the cold.


Gotta be brave, I guess.

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