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It’s kinda hard to believe that MTMTE #21 came out exactly one year ago.

That issue almost wrecked my soul on that day.

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What if the commonly known names for Cybertronian altmode types are after the first bot that transformed into that type of machine.

Say, a bot named [insert name] was the first one ever to transform into a 3D printer, so they just call 3D printers [insert name].

And a car is called a car because the first bot with a car altmode was named Car.

So a person that transforms into the same thing as Rung, that thing’d be call a runger.

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I still can’t remember what that type of construction vehicle is called in English, I just call it Scavenger because that’s Scavenger’s altmode.

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Finger drawing on phone is so hard

Finger drawing on phone is so hard

My friends on plurk were casually talking about LL2. Some points were made, and the main argument was that LL2 was very disadvantaged from beginning to end. Because:

It was short on combat units. Roddy died early on, Skids, Fortress Maximus and the rest of Delphi patients never joined.
The quality of medical care on board was inadequate for 200 crew members. Ratchet didn’t replace his hands, First Aid and Ambulon never joined.
The ship had inferior firepower. It didn’t acquire the proton missile launchers from Hedonia (that were capable of tearing Overlord’s body apart).
The security aboard was shaky. Red Alert didn’t have access to proper mental health care and emotional support.

Life on LL2 was probably relaxed, if Crosscut being able to finish his play not long after the launch was any indication. So in conclusion, LL2 was both physically and mentally unprepared for any kind of assault and internal conflict.

As eabevella put it, the difference between LL1 and LL2 is that of a battleship and a vacation cruise. It’s really no surprise that LL2 perished within one year, even if DJD didn’t come along.


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Primal Vernacular rap battle between Vos and Cyclonus didn’t happen on LL2.


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Anonymous said: Oh no! D: I hope you get a new computer, or get the old one fixed soon?? That really sucks. :/

I’m getting it fixed, because at this point, a new one would cost me two grands in euro. I still need to pay rent, pay for health insurance and buy food, so unless I suddenly develop superpowers that allow me to survive by photosynthesis, a new computer is not an option. :’D

My computer is not even that old, I’ve only had it for three years. :[
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…I just had a dream where a human Brainstorm was at airport security check, going “NO, FUCK YOU, I’M EXEMPTED FROM THE LAW, I DON’T NEED TO GO THROUGH SECURITY CHECK”. And then he just walked through the scanner with shoes and everything on and the briefcase in his hand. As I saw this, I muttered to myself, “He probably would have flown in his private jet if he wasn’t following Perceptor.”

I think I have strange dreams often.

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Anonymous said: Your jellybean-robots are adorable. :)

Thanks! C:

I wish I could make more silly comics, but my computer died on me last week. I think I’ll be without one for a while. I guess I could try making some on paper, though. Hmm…

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Y’all are telling me NONE of you have written or drawn a Phantom of the Opera AU w Cyclonus as the Phantom and Tailgate as Christine
U disgust me

Oh hi there, this was made an year ago.

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Anonymous said: Was that meant to be a double joke


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